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Scotsman Economy super dice cube

The shape of dice cubes provides maximum liquid displacement making this type of ice cube ideal for general purpose cooling of drinks. They can be made very quickly and are ideal foroutlets needing high volumes of ice, such as fast food outlets, although they are also a great general purpose ice cube used throughout the hospitality industry. Dice cubes are available in two different sizes to suit your needs best.

Water is poured over the surface of a vertical evaporator grid plate with each cube forming in a cell on the grid. This is the most cost-efficient system where volume is the prime importance. The machine is compact and therefore requires less floor space than a machine with a horizontal evaporator.

Dice Cubers
Modular Economy Cuber – Super Dice Cube

Product Production(24 hrs) Recommended Bin Width (mm)  Depth (mm)  Height (mm)  Weight Specifications
NW308 160 kg SB322 558 610 609 63 kg Download
NW458 215 kg B220 760 620 575 87 kg Download
NW608 320 kg B320 760 620 575 88 kg Download
NW1008 485 kg B500 760 620 800 119 kg Download
NW1408 620 kg SB530 765 610 1000 145 kg Download