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Step by step guide.

  1. Soak each filter in a clean bowl of cold tap water for 30 minutes.
  2. Screw the plastic cream float to the bottom bowl.
  3. Put bottom bowl on top of the machine (will just sit loosely until containing water).
  4. Put the mineral stones filter (flat round shaped filter) in the bottom of the bowl on the machine (will sit loosely).
  5. Put the middle ring in place on top of the bottom bowl.
  6. Using the nut on the underside of the Ceramic filter/Plastic dome filter (White dome shaped filter), fit the ceramic/plastic filter to the top bowl (turn upside down & top filter up, from hole underneath).
  7. Screw the Carbon filter (long cylindrical filter) to the underside of where the ceramic filter is fitted.
  8. Fill top bowl with water and put the lid on the top.
  9. Wait until you can get water from the taps, then ONLY plug in and switch the machine on (2 x switches at the back), water will get cold in around 20-30min.


  1. Once a month, you will need to dismantle the filters/bowls from each other and clean both bowls with warm water and NO SOAP. Clean the filters with cold tap water only.
  2. The ceramic dome can be cleaned with a normal scotch guard sponge with just warm water.
  3. If you have the plastic dome, just remove the membrane set and rinse well under water. Replace the black membrane first, with the white membrane on top.


  1. If the water does not move from the top bowl to the bottom bowl
    – You have an air bubble in the top filter, to rectify, remove the top bowl and carbon filter, then turn the bowl upside down so you can see the nut of the Ceramic filter. Fill this area with water until the air bubbles stop. Refit the carbon filter, flip over, return onto machine and refill with water.
  2. If your water cooler leaks, there is a good chance the problem is with the float. To make sure, remove your bowls from the machine, and check the level of the water in the cold tank. If it is sitting above the white overflow valve, the problem is with the float. Problems with the float can be caused by either sand granules from the mineral stones getting stuck around the nipple, or simply wear and tear.
    Always take care not to damage the nipple of the float


The bottom bowl must never be more than ¾ full, and then there must be no water in the top bowl.

Machines and bowls should not be moved when there is water in the machine.