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Upright Display Technology

Staycold has consistently embraced technology to ensure not only the highest standards of quality control but the ability to track cabinet progress from the first stage of production to ultimate delivery. Each unit produced is subjected to an individual test.

In highly competitive local and international markets, Staycold has prospered by adapting to change in social, environmental and economic conditions. The philosophy to deliver only the best has always been achieved against a background of value for money.

Environmental Impact

  • Larger condensers and evaporators together with the benefits of Low E glass ensure low energy consumption.
  • Energy optimised refrigeration system – No defrost cycle and no defrost heaters are required.
  • Certain models are ECA approved www.eca.gov.uk for energy saving attributes.
  • MEPS approved.
  • Range complies to European RoHS.

Low E (low emission) glass has been specially designed to provide increased thermal insulation. It is a high quality, clear float glass with specially formulated permanent transparent coating. The effect of the coating is to absorb and reflect long wave length energy (infra-red heat energy generated by the sun, lighting etc). This keeps the radiant energy out of the cabinet and simultaneously increases the temperature of the outer glass pane causing it not to condensate in high humidity conditions.

Low E glass doors are standard on ALL Staycold products

Glazing Type U Value (W/m2K)*
Standard glass doors 2.6
Low E glass doors 1.6


U values express the rate of heat loss. The lower the U value the greater the thermal insulation. 70% of energy loss on any glass door cooler is lost through the glass doors. Thus, Low E glass will reduce the total energy loss on a cooler by: 70% x (2.6-1.6)/2.6 = 27% *U values quoted above have been calculated in accordance with BS 6993: part 1, based on 6mm thick glass with a 12mm argon filled cavity. The U value on Low E glass doors will improve as the respective technology improves.


  1. Illuminated header with light switch
  2. Exceptional anti-corrosion with silicone coated galvanised steel interior/exterior
  3. High pressure injected 40mm Polyurethane insulation for better insulation and structural strength
  4. Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant
  5. Low lead plastic – RoHS
  6. Aluminium and copper heat exchangers and copper piping
  7. Fan assisted cooling for even temperature distribution
  8. Bright interior illumination
  9. Adjustable shelving built with 5 cross pieces to ensure no bending, flat bar on shelves
  10. Low E and double tempered glass
  11. Front ventilation so all models can be built-in